New Music: Lewis Daniel – Endurance

Lewis Daniel is a UK jazz artist I featured last month with his track Why Me. The follow up, also taken from his EP States of Being, is called Endurance.

By Graeme Smith

In States of Being, Lewis explores the various genres of Black music. Endurance is a mash up of jazz and grime elements but with an unexpected twist – video games. During its glitchy 8-bit moments and beat-em-up voice overs I was brought back to my childhood of frenetic button mashing. ‘Endurance’ is the word!

Endurance is a great track that seems to straddle generations. Those who were swinging in the jazz age, us ’80s kids and those discovering music through today’s grime legends will all take something away from it. Check it out below. States of Being is set to be released on 30 April.