Video: Valley Latini – Tu Y Yo

Valley Latini is a Latin pop artist originally from Colombia but now based on New York City. Her new track Tu Y Yo is an atmospheric pop track steeped in layers of witch house-esque synths and sexuality.

By Graeme Smith

Though there is a pop sound to Tu Y Yo, it has a dark undercurrent that sets it apart from the kind of pop you’d usually hear on commercial radio. The synths are big and imposing. The vocals have a haunting, echoing edge. The lyrics, sung in Spanish, are hypnotic. It’s difficult to say what the track is genre-wise but I know for certain that it’s mesmerising.

The video, made using stop motion, depicts a hell on earth that men in power have created for women which doesn’t seem that much removed from reality. There is a happy ending though – via a portal referred to as the ‘haux house’.

Check out the video for Tu Y Yo below.