Discovery: Cherry Seraph

Cherry Seraph floats in a digital soundscape on her new single, ‘8am’.

By Mark Wright

The debut single from Bradford based singer-songwriter, Cherry Seraph, is a floating trip down a river into atmospheric digital dreampop. Right from the get-go ‘8am’ grabs the listener’s attention and does not let it go for the full run time. What really grabs you first is the powerfully emotive vocal performance, the experience of which is only heightened by the floaty and dream-like synthesisers and drums. The usage of modern production techniques twinned with the style of music at play here is very interesting, as not only is the track deeply contemporary, but it simultaneously looks to music of previous decades as well as offering a brief insight into the music of tomorrow.

All produced from a home studio over lockdown, ‘8am’ was created as a way to provide focus and promote self-wellbeing over the testing months prior to its release. To say that this track was made in such circumstances, as well as it being a debut single, it sounds nothing but professional, which is very promising for the release of Cherry Seraph’s full EP on the 8th of June.

Make sure to check out ‘8am’ by Cherry Seraph via the link below or on steaming services.