New Music: Havelocke – The Arsonist

Catharsis and catchiness leap off the record in Sheffield rockers, Havelocke’s new EP, ‘The Arsonist’.

By Mark Wright

Havelocke are set to release their new EP, ‘The Arsonist’, via Silent Cult Records on the 13th of April. The Sheffield based quartet have punctuated this new EP with dark and apocalyptic aesthetics and instrumentation, leading them down the path not only of emo and post-hardcore but of gothic and punk sounds. This combination of influences has been expertly melded together on ‘The Arsonist’ into a full sound with many interesting features and musical decisions across its runtime.

The titular track of ‘The Arsonist’ was a particular standout to me as not only does it hold onto Havelocke’s core sound, but also delves into the world of hardcore punk and even pop punk to a certain extent. Deeply evocative of bands such as The Wonder Years, this track is one for any punk fan trying to break into this more emo-tinged sound. Additionally, the delicately picked lead guitar melody at around the three-minute mark of this song shows strong association with more traditional 90s emo sounds. This demonstrates the way in which Havelocke’s sound is rooted in tradition but is equally unafraid to look to the future and bring in new sounds to tell their story.

As well as this, the final track, ‘When We Go’ is another highlight. In fact, this track has recently had a music video released, which I urge any readers to take a look out via the YouTube link below. ‘When We Go’ is one of the more unashamedly anthemic and catchy cuts off the EP, which also features a very satisfying switch up in sound about half-way through, which should come as a nice moment to anyone who listens.

In summary, this EP is a perfect listen for any existing fans of the genre, or anyone trying to break into post-hardcore sounds. Make sure to check out Havelocke’s SoundCloud and YouTube via the links below.