Discovery: Nightly Gatherings

Nightly Gatherings is an experimental indie pop artist from California in the US whose new track Up All Night combines spoken word voices with atmospheric electronic instrumentals and sung choruses.

By Graeme Smith

There is such a depth to Up All Night that I knew I had to share it when I first heard it. It’s one part performance poetry, one part electronic dance song, one part indie pop. All of that is packed into just over three minutes and there isn’t a second wasted. Close your eyes and Up All Night will transport you to another world.

Nightly Gatherings is the performance name for Connor Johnson, based out of Chico, California. He’s been producing music since he was sixteen years old and has clearly poured a lot of effort into finding his sound. I’m excited to hear what he does next. Check out Up All Night below and hopefully you’ll feel the same.

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