Discovery: Mia Madden

Mia Madden is a electronic pop artist from San Antonio, Texas, USA. Her new track is a call out to someone a narcissist she has the misfortune of being involved with. It’s called Treat Me Like U Did.

By Graeme Smith

The venom and sadness of the lyrics is hidden by a upbeat electronic arrangement, with prominent drums soft synths and hazy harmonies. Mia’s beautiful vocals are ghostlike, haunting the memory of the song’s antagonist.

Mia released her debut EP Euphoria in February last year. For her latest project, written during lockdown, she has teamed up with her friend Lucía Martinez who co-produced and engineered the track. This is the second single the pair have put out following 1-800-RUNAWAY which proved a big hit on social media.

You can check out Treat Me Like U Did below. If you want to hear more emotional, chilled music like it, head over to our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.