Video: LoveLeo – BUZZCUT

Perhaps the most famous story of the power of a haircut is that of Samson and Delilah from the Bible. Loveleo’s take is about as far removed from that as possible. BUZZCUT is a fresh sounding bedroom pop track that caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

The track was inspired by a decision by Leo to shave his head, but what BUZZCUT really is about is the thing we do solely for the benefit of our audience on social media. It’s delivered by Leo’s distinct vocals over a lo-fi electronic backing track. Collaborator blackwinterwell’s hyperpop-esque verse acts as a counterfoil to Leo’s smooth vocals and provides a wonderful texture to the track.

The video, a surrealist take on the YouTube makeup tutorial will have your head spinning. You can check it out below. It may well be what the future of pop sounds like.