New Music: Listomania

Listomania back up their December release with a second slew of melodic indie rock ballads

By Mark Wright

Although native to Sunderland and Camden, indie rock band Listomania have found a home in York. Coming off the back of their release of ‘Be There in Five’ in December 2020, the band have come back with a new single which I guarantee will be stuck in your ears.

The single’s A side, ‘Soppy Shit’ is a melodic acoustic indie ballad which draws on the band’s Oasis influence, balanced with electric guitar tones which would feel familiar to any fan of Mac Demarco. Lyrically speaking, the track is endearingly relatable, and in its performance draws on a soulful yet reserved character which is not a million miles away from the likes of Alex G. As well as this, the use of brass instruments on this track is very unique, bringing a new quality to indie rock not seen often in British guitar music.

The B side of the single, entitled ‘Stay’ is even more anthemic than the A side surprisingly, and strikes me as an indie rock song which would fit well into any current Spotify playlist associated with the genre. Listomania count The 1975 as one of their influences, and it is most evident on this track. This said, ‘Stay’ does not drown in this influence, instead also drawing upon alternative themes from the guitar tones chosen here.

For any fans of grassroots indie rock, this single is a must listen, via Listomania on streaming services or by the Soundcloud link below.