EP Review: Jebs – Les Instrus

Les Instrus is the new three track instrumental EP from London-based psych-funk composer Jebs.

By Graeme Smith

The EP opens with the lively Instant Précis, a track that could have been lifted from the soundtrack of a ’70s cop drama – the car chase scene, naturally. It’s followed by the mellower Tigres Babouins, which has characteristically flashy and improvisational drums. Over six minutes, it builds to an electric-organ fuelled climax. Things are wrapped up nicely with Poumon a dreamy track with strumming electric guitar and one eye on the beach.

Jebs has a wonderful sense of composition and each track tells its own story through its construction and nods to universal cultural references. Drawing on vintage Hollywood motifs gives each track a unique sense of place, mood and character. Though they are all funky and they are all jazzy, the three pieces exist distinct from each other – complete within themselves but complementary to one another.

Though based in London, Jebs was born and raised in France and already has a cult following there as alternative artist and producer JB Pilon. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and often uses French-language poetry in his music. Jebs is a new project for him and this is his first instrumental EP. Though I’m intrigued by spoken-word verses, I can say these instrumental tracks need no lyrical content. The compositions are expressive enough on their own.

Outside of music, JB is also an experienced climber and has the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude gig ever (held at 6,500 metres in the Himalayas). He’s currently working on beating his own record.

Les Instrus is a remarkable record from a remarkable man and I for one will certainly be exploring more of his music after this introduction. Check out the EP below. If you want to hear more music that’s outside the ordinary, check out our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.