Video: Library Baby – How I Say My Name

Library Baby are the folk duo of singer Sarah Royal (aka D’est Roy) and guitarist Justin Lacy. They’re based in Wilmington, North Carolina in the United States and have caught my attention with their new video How I Say My Name.

By Graeme Smith

The video intersperses footage of Sarah singing with clips she captured herself in the ’90s on a VHS recorder. It feels deeply intimate and personal and her quiet, introspective vocals draw you in. The instrumentals are classical and cinematic-feeling yet incredibly minimal. Library does a lot with a little in How I Say My Name.

The duo first met in 2015 while working on other projects. They felt an immediate musical connection and set about writing music much like How I Say My Name – unguarded, sparse yet rich with emotion and dreaminess.

I think their sound is utterly captivating and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Check out the video for How I Say My Name below. You can hear more intimate music like it on our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.