New Music: Aunty Social – Unsmiling

Canadian bedroom pop artist Aunty Social, real name Daniela Gitto, is one of my favourite discoveries here on York Calling yet I haven’t had a chance to review any of her music since last Summer. I was over the moon to see she had a new track out and Unsmiling does not disappoint.

By Graeme Smith

Unsmiling is packed full of Daniela’s attention to detail and poetic lyrics but what pleased me most was its musical twists. Starting looping and electronic in her typical style, the track breaks down into a funky R&B rhythm when the first chorus hits. It feels like something that might have been a hit in 1989 but, just as your getting into the groove, things change up again to a interludes that feels contemporary. All the while Daniela’s haunting vocals hold things together.

If you haven’t had a listen to any of the previous Aunty Social tracks I’ve shared, I can’t recommend her music enough. Check out Unsmiling below.