Discovery: Roleplay

Roleplay, real name Anna Haara Kristoferson, is a electronic pop artist from Sweden who has just released her second single My Sun. It follows her debut Jingle Bells which received support from BBC Radio 1.

By Graeme Smith

While Jingle Bells invokes the feeling of Christmas, My Sun is in the spirit of summer. It’s a floating, dreamy soundscape finished by Anna’s crisp, angelic vocals. The soundscape is kept grounded by a relentless rhythm of synths and percussion with the occasional cinematic moment of strings.

Born in Sweden, Anna spent her childhood in choir academies, which explains the angelic vocals. Roleplay is her first solo project but fans of Yassassin might recognise her voice. She is their lead vocalist.

Her debut EP is expected later in the year. Check out My Sun below. If you’d like to hear more music like it, check out our Golidlocks playlist on Spotify.