Discovery: Cheley Tackett

American country singer songwriter Cheley Tackett is new to me but York is not new to her. She has toured the UK numerous times, including stops at our fair city. Her new track Good For Me is a live performance taken from her album The Last Live, recorded at Douglas Corner in Nashville. Sadly the venue had to close its doors for good last year because of the pandemic so its the last project Cheley will record there.

By Graeme Smith

Good For Me is a slow and reflective acoustic track. The live performance gives it a sense of intimacy as Cheley pours out her confession of struggling with the draw of the things in life which lend us temporary relief but no permanent help. It really is a beautifully written song. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to share it.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Cheley has won numerous folk and country awards for song writing and is an artist emerging from Nashville’s incredible music scene.

Check out Good For Me below.