Video: Seth Sentry – Castlevania

Seth Sentry is an Australian hip-hop artist who combines Tyler The Creator-esque dark lyrics with ’80s and ’90s pop culture references in his infectious new track Castlevania.

By Graeme Smith

After recently sharing rapper Apocraphe’s Mighty Like Guybrush, I figured it would be some time before I happened across another hip-hop track about esoteric computer games. Enter Castlevania which, along as dropping references to the classic Nintendo game of the same name, has a lot more Easter eggs for those of us who grew up consuming culture in the ’80 and ’90s.

Aside from the nostalgia trip, Seth offers faster than light verses, compelling storytelling and humour that masks a very dark undercurrent to his lyrics. Having received a ARIA award and made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the US, we’re hardly the first to have discovered him but I’m glad I did.

Check out the animated video for Castlevania below.