EP Review: Moshimoshi – Moshimoshi I

Moshimoshi are an alternative punk band from Helsinki, Finland. The debut EP Moshimoshi I draws together math rock, punk and screamo influences to create something that doesn’t fit nicely into any genre but is a joy to hear.

By Graeme Smith

Racing through five tracks in just over eleven minutes, the EP certainly has a punk aesthetic to it. The guitar riffs are unrelenting, at times giving you intricate math rock style looping melodies and at other times noisily strummed hard rock. The drums are frenetic and the vocals are screamed a la the golden age of emo rock. The latter draw obvious influences from the likes of At The Drive-In or Funeral For A Friend but that’s about where the comparisons end. Instrumentally, I was more reminded of The Fall of Troy or No Age.

But all the comparisons are merely a proxy. Moshimoshi have taken elements from other groups and found their own sound which is simultaneously a challenging and joyful listen. The five tracks across the EP are distinguished by their melodies but there’s is a consistency that feels like listening to one eleven minute odyssey with quiet interludes every two or three for catching one’s breath.

It’s impressive that Moshimoshi have been able to find their sound so quickly – the band only formed last year at the start of the pandemic. Even more impressively, their debut single, released on 26 March this year has already been playlisted by Spotify and Apple Music. It’s easy to see why when the guys are providing a sound that is both versatile and unique. Emo kids like me will certainly be glad for new music that carries the torch for a sound that has fallen out of favour since its early ’00s hey day.

Check out Moshimoshi I for yourself below. If you like your music noisy then have a listen to our Bang! playlist on Spotify.