Video: Hanna & Kerttu – You Would Grow Up (Unfold)

Hanna & Kerttu are an alt-folk duo based in Berlin, Germany. Their new video You Would Grow Up (Unfold) combines occult imagery with a moody, atmospheric track that will seep into your soul.

By Graeme Smith

The low-key track combines a looping guitar melody, ethereal vocal harmonies and pained lead vocals to create something that is both beautiful and unsettling. The track, as the pair explain, is about the longing of lost youth and the mood makes sense. Our childhoods are always a mix of joy and anxiety but easy compared to our lives as grown ups.

You Would Grow Up is the second single taken from the band’s new album Unfold to be released later this year. You can check out the thought-provoking video, film in St. Petersburg, Russia, below. If you like what you hear there’s more music like Hanna & Kerrtu in our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.