Video: Apocraphe ft Misiek – No Way Out

No Way Out is the third video I’ve shared from Paris-based British rapper Apocraphe.

By Graeme Smith

Apocraphe’s music keeps taking me in different directions with each new release. In March, I discovered him through his crew track A Paris L’Affair which featured all ten members of Parisian Crew L’Affair. Then he took me back to my childhood through his ode to point and click PC adventure games Mighty Like Guybrush.

Hi latest is another collaboration, this time with French up and comer Misiek. Sung in both English and French, the track explores the prisons we create for ourselves with our own self-destructive behaviours. I, for one, can relate.

The video features Apocraphe playing the kind of guy who’d chew your ear off in a pub if you accidently make eye contact and it’s beautifully observed. Check it out below.