Discovery: Odeons

Odeons are an pop rock band from Kaarina, Finland whose explosive new track Allowed To Fall caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Vilhelm Sjöström

Kicking off with a stuttering guitar riff, things quickly hit their stride, with the looping riff giving way to rumbling bass and crystal clear vocals. At the chorus, the heavy rock melts away to a sweeping ethereal interlude. Things build back to the chorus’s climactic moment where the guitar hits once again. The song has a simple message – as humans we falter and that’s fine.

Odeons consist of the duo of Mikko Jaakkola and Pati. They’ve been playing together since 2013, experimenting with genres and trying to redefine guitar-based music. Their journey has landed them a sound that is both accessible and fresh-feeling.

Check out Allowed To Fall below. If you like your music on the noisy side, check out our Bang! playlist on Spotify.