Discovery: Air Circus

The Last Time is the quirky and catchy new indie pop track from Reading duo Air Circus.

By Graeme Smith

It’s a little tricky to put The Last Time into a genre. There are indie elements, but with heavy dance overtones, and touches of electro swing for good measure. It all adds up to something that feels very unique. The track is a collaboration with DJ Maisie Mais and her expressive vocals ooze with charm. They suit the energy of the track perfectly.

Air Circus are Adam Adrian and Dan Follant. Both multi-instrumentalists, the pair are able to make music that give a full-band experience. They got together in 2019. Not detered by the coronavirus outbreak so early in their career together, the pair continued to work together remotely and even produced music outside in one of their gardens.

You can check out The Last Time below. If you’re into music that’s difficult to define, then be sure to check out our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.