Album Review: Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice are a band that have had tremendous success over the past decade, with their previous album, Visions Of A Life, winning the Mercury Prize in 2018. Now they’re back with another full-length release, titled Blue Weekend. There has obviously been a lot riding on the release of this record, especially considering the praise Visions Of A Life garnered, so I’m very pleased to announce that Blue Weekend sounds like the perfect follow-up to their previous release.

By Jane Howkins

The mixture of different styles on Blue Weekend was one of the things that hit me straight away – songs like Delicious Things have more of a traditional pop-rock feel to them, whereas Lipstick On The Glass takes thing down a further notch, providing a lovely indie/dream-pop feel. There are also heavier songs present, such as Smile, which contains a brilliant bass and electric guitar melody that really has a groovy feel to it. Smile is one of my favourite tracks on the album so far and it has a real rock and roll swagger and attitude, which is often sadly missing in guitar music nowadays.

Play The Greatest Hits is another track which I loved – it’s perhaps the heaviest song on Blue Weekend, seeing vocalist Ellie Rowsell shouting and screaming her way through the track – you can really feel the emotions in her voice. This is one of the things that I find so interesting about a band like Wolf Alice – they’re one of the few acts that are able to successfully write and produce songs in a variety of different genres, outdoing themselves each time. Despite the varying styles on offer, Blue Weekend has quite a cohesive feel to it as a whole and it’s a real testament to Wolf Alice’s songwriting skills and the way they’ve developed over the years – they’re really heading for the bigtime (in my humble opinion).

Blue Weekend is a fantastic release and one that will be getting regular rotation from me – any worries that Wolf Alice might not be able to live up to Visions Of A Life have gladly been dashed and it really will be interesting to see how their career pans out in the next few years or so.