Discovery: Blush Face

Had To is the triumphant new track from American indie rock band Blush Face.

By Graeme Smith

The track is a built from layers of intricate and complex instrumentals that create a warm, uplifting feeling while frontwoman Allie Smith channels Björk with her expressive vocal delivery. It all adds up to something greater than its already great parts. Had To really is a must listen.

Formed in Virginia in 2016, Blush Face having been going from strength to strength ever since. Interestingly, the band have been working on Had To since 2018, taking their time perfecting its tricky 5/4 time signature. The effort has been worth it. The track really is a stand out.

You can hear Had To below. If you like your music a little unconventional, be sure to follow our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.