Video: Pokey LaFarge – Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone

Pokey LaFarge is an Americana artist from Los Angeles, USA. His new video Get It ‘Fore Its Gone is full of nostalgia and Summer vibes.

By Graeme Smith

The track and video is a reimagination of a lot of classic elements. The video throws back to the 1950’s idealised version of the South Pacific while the song draws in elements of northern soul and reggae, laced with classic Americana. It all adds up to something fun and infectious, particularly the track’s chorus which is a real earworm.

The track and the album on which it features, In The Blossom of Their Shade, was inspired by Pokey’s 2020 lockdown experience. He headed for Austin in March last year to in anticipation of his SXSW festival appearance, only to get stranded there for much longer than planned. In the context of a year which made us all question what we’ve taken for granted, Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone feels like a good motto.

Check out the video below.