Discovery: UnderwaterSun

UnderwaterSun, real name Harry Sampson, is an indie pop singer songwriter based in Birmingham whose debut track Girl I Never Knew is a meditation on summer love.

By Graeme Smith

The opening electric guitar melody sets the tone in Girl I Never Knew. That mood is gently upbeat, like a luau on a British beach. Harry’s charming vocals float in and the tale unfolds of fantasising about a love that never was.

Harry’s sound could be compared to contemporaries like Rex Orange County but he certainly puts his own unique twist on the bedroom pop sound. Sometimes, in a world of troubles, we need a little innocence and on that Harry delivers.

Girl I Never Knew is a wonderful debut and I can’t wait to hear what he puts out next. Have a listen below. If you like your music just right, don’t forget to follow our Goldilocks playlist on Spotify.