EP Review: Mighloe – Desperate Times

Desperate Times is the new EP from Toronto, Canada-based contemporary R&B artist Mighloe and it’s a story of being broken and coming back stronger.

By Graeme Smith

From the first downbeat notes of EP opener Stolen Paradise, you can tell things are going to get emotional. Yet, don’t let that put you off. As soon as Mighloe’s unique and charismatic vocals float in, you’re going to be hooked and, believe me, you’ll what to know how things are to unfold.

The pleading of Stolen Paradise gives way to the stripped back and acoustic Cruel, the EP’s lead single. Mighloe’s vocals find their strength in a defiant chorus. You can hear her self-doubt falling away as the track barrels towards its big finish.

Track three Don’t Call Me moves towards a more classic R&B sound, with prominent bass and a sultry groove. It has an undertone of menace and a sense of being over it which resonates. Title track Desperate Times continues the tone but brings back some of the introspective and experimental elements that were introduced in Stolen Paradise.

Euphoria is, unsurprisingly, a swelling, expansive track. Its dreamy ethereal feel is punctuated by a cantering rhythm in the melody of the pre-chorus. It seeps seamlessly into Rainy Days, a textured composition that once again showcases Mighloe’s expressive vocals.

The EP closes with Into The Tide. Starting with a gentle guitar rhythm and jazzy drums, it has a timeless feel to it. It echoes the dreaminess of Euphoria but the vocals feel more corporeal. This is Mighloe emerging fully-formed from the journey. A big, echoing guitar solo gives the track a richness that sets it out from everything that has come before it. It works great as the EP’s climax.

Desperate Times is Mighloe’s second EP, following from her debut All About You. The EP is produced by Dean Vision and LateNightDrive. I think Mighloe and her producers can be extremely proud of this project. Musically, it’s expansive, with such a range of influences and styles on show. Lyrically, it tells an emotive story. The doubting lows make the euphoric highs so much sweeter.

Check out Desperate Times below.