New Local Podcast Coming Next Week

The 5 Albums You’ll Hear in Heaven is the brainchild of local blogger Graeme Smith who runs York Calling, a music and arts blog based in York.

“The premise of this podcast is simple,” Graeme explains. “I chat to creative types from York and beyond about five albums that have been important to them throughout their lives and they share with me what makes them important.”

In the first five episode series, Graeme talks to a range of musicians based in York and further afield, representing genres as diverse as Celtic punk and synth-based electronica, learning about their influences across three decades of their lives. If you’re looking for new music recommendations, or want to reminisce about the music of your youth, this is the podcast for you.

Check out the trailer for The 5 Albums You’ll Hear In Heaven below. Don’t forget to click ‘follow’ on Spotify so you’ll never miss an episode.