EP Review: Petravita – Pineapple Poetry

Pineapple Poetry is the new EP from US-born and Stockholm, Sweden-based rapper Petravita. His first multi-track release for three years, it focusses on the unprecedented events of last year as well as his own sense of self and place in the world.

By Graeme Smith

The EP opens with BUGS, a mini-memoir that blends nostalgia with confession, all backed with a dirty bass beat and lively percussion. Petravita has a way with words, as the hook proves: “I caught bugs as a kid so it makes sense that I can make an earworm”, he declares. He’s not wrong.

Track two Area Codes brings the tempo down a little but the energy levels go nowhere. It’s an ode to being nomadic, and its storytelling lyrics paint a powerful picture of travel while also delving into Petravita’s own thoughts and feelings, and an admission that moving around might not be the solution to his problems.

Covers has a similarly stripped-back and serious feel to it. It’s about ageing and how one’s mature side and young side often co-exist. The rhymes come quick and fast while plucked bass strings and a marching drum beat provide the accompaniment.

Thought Casket comes fourth. It’s the moodiest track on the five track EP with ethereal bass beats. In it, Petravita addresses COVID-19 directly but there’s a wider sense of malaise about it. It’s his dark night of the soul moment. He’s trying to make sense of things through a stream of conscience verse.

Still also addresses the pandemic but with a brighter, breezier energy, similar to BUGS but with a bit more of a laidback groove. It closes the EP with a question mark – what’s next?

The answer to that, hopefully, is more music because Petravita not only has skills on the mic, he’s bringing something authentic with his lyrics. Existentialism isn’t something usually covered in hip-hop but Petravita really makes it work, tempering the darkness with bursts of humour and just the right amount of instrumentals so the message doesn’t get drowned out.

You can check out Pineapple Poetry below.