New Music: Brendan Eder Ensemble – Cape Cod Cottage

Cape Cod Cottage is the third track I’ve shared from the LA-based Brendan Eder Ensemble, and their second release as the fictional obscure ’70s jazz musician Edward Blankman.

By Graeme Smith

Through the persona of Edward, the ensemble, which includes members of HAIM and Knower, recreate a ’70s jazz style. Cape Cod Cottage has a light, Summer feel to it, with a waltzing groove and a bright flute melody which interplays with a sax echo.

The track shares its title with Brendan’s forthcoming LP, due out 10 September. Brendan conceived the story of Edward and the concept of the album while processing the grief of losing his lover in 2016 and he imagined Edward processing his own grief living a solitary life in a Cape Cod. Through the music Brendan has created, he’s brought Edward and his cottage to life. Check out Cape Cod Cottage below.