Album Review: Incisions – Bliss

Bliss is the second album release from Manchester punk band Incisions – Manchester has started producing quite a good few punk bands and Incisions are one that have been building a lot of traction over the years, so I was very intrigued to hear Bliss.

By Jane Howkins

Fans of Incisions will know what to expect by now as the tracks on Bliss don’t stray too far from the norm. There are 12 tracks on offer here but they are very short, to the point punk songs in the more hardcore punk vein, so those looking for something more melodic may not find much to like here. Those into their hardcore punk should love this though – the riffs are on point and I loved the hardcore vocal style.

The songs can get a little repetitive though, which was my only real issue and it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything, but with an album this short that shouldn’t really be too hard. Better is an acoustic track that strays from the norm and it really makes for a nice change in pace – I would be very interested to hear Incisions creating more tracks like this in the future. It’s also a very politically motivated album (as any good hardcore punk record should be), which is also appreciated.

Bliss is probably going to be a marmite record for a lot of punk fans – those into their more hardcore stuff will love this but those wanting something a little more melodic might not opt for it, and that’s absolutely fine too – we all have our different tastes. What I will say is that Incisions are one of the better bands at the moment doing this sort of thing and it will be interesting to see where they go for their third release.