EP Review: Kin-Kachow – Kombucha

The curiously titled Kin-Kachow are a new indie rock band on the scene – I listened to their track Simians recently and felt really intrigued by their music, so decided to do a review of their EP Kombucha, originally released in May 2021.

By Jane Howkins

As far as I’m aware Kin-Kachow have not released a full-length album yet, which makes the tracks on Kombucha sound even more impressive – it sounds quite polished for a debut release and the songwriting quality is top notch. Their music reminds me somewhat of the indie rock music that became popular in the noughties but with a more modern twist to it, and fans of rock or indie music in general should enjoy this EP.

Simians is the first song on the EP, with the track sounding like a perfect opener to Kin-Kachow’s music. It’s good to hear such a prominent bass melody on the verse and I liked the change in dynamics between the chorus and verses. It’s certainly a catchy song, and one that should get inside your head instantly – I would say it’s probably my favourite song of the three tracks on offer here.

Next up is the EP title track, Kombucha, which seems to have more of a classic rock and roll/garage rock feel to it. The frantic rhythm is great and I love how the band manage to retain a rock and roll swagger to their music, whilst still sounding rather catchy (but never in a mainstream pop way, which is a plus for me). It definitely has more of a retro feel to it, showing a band that can do a multitude of different styles and sounds.

The final track on the EP is Malibu, which acts as quite a nice closer, with a softer feel to it. The tone on Malibu is much different to the other two songs here, adding yet another string to Kin-Kachow’s bow. It again sounds very different from the other songs on Kombucha and it sounds like the perfect closing song to the EP.

All in all, I found Kombucha to be a very interesting release and I can’t wait to hear what Kin-Kachow do next – keep your ears peeled for a full-length album in the future! In the meantime, you can check out their social media sites and the EP below: