Discovery: Scatterchild

Scatterchild are a Manchester-based folk rock duo whose new track No Sense To End is rich in romance and philosophy.

By Graeme Smith

With a steady guitar rhythm, strings and sweeping vocals, No Sense To End feels like a love ballad, yet there’s a touch of sadness about it. This is love in conflict, but with the desire to survive. The love in question is the type that often isn’t explored in music, the band clarifies; it’s about a friendship rather than a relationship.

Scatterchild are Jay Plent on vocals, guitar, keys and production, and George AA on drums, percussion and samples. For this track they’re also joined by Patrick Shephard on cello. Together, they create a classic sound that has an unconventional edge. I was reminded a little of The Divine Comedy while listening to No Sense To End.

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