Video: Last Bloom – Gecko

Last Bloom is a psychedelic electronic artist and Bath University graduate whose compulsive and experimental new track Gecko caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

Gecko has a driving and urgent feel to it with its message brought to life through a collaboration of different contributors including vocal stints from Jordan Lawlor, Lyocuh V and Mandy Kessler, as well as Alec Owen on percussion. The separate elements come together to form something that feels very epic. There are elements of trip hop, and hip hop – perhaps it could be called trip hip hop?

Last Bloom is the brainchild of Switzerland-based Marco Landwehr. Marco created the project with an emphasis on art, and Gecko and its accompanying visualiser certainly have an artistic flair. I highly recommend checking it out below. You won’t hear anything else like it today. If you like your music on the unique side, be sure to follow our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.