Discovery: Tré Burt

Tré Burt is an American singer songwriter who brings us a modern folk tale and meditation on the current state of his nation’s race relations in his new track By The Jasmine.

By Graeme Smith

By The Jasmine tells the story of Danté. Having woken unexpectedly early in the morning, he goes out into his neighbourhood to get some air and listen to the music. While he’s there minding his own business, a new arrival to the neighbourhood out jogging decides to call the police on him and the story ends with a sad and all too often expected conclusion.

Tré delivers the story with a rootsy Dylan-esque style accompanied by a simple arrangement of traditional Americana. There’s no hook, just verses in which Danté’s tragic story unfolds with a great attention to detail and powerfully so.

By The Jasmine will feature on Tré’s second album You, Yeah, You which is set to be released on 27 August. You can hear the single below.