Discovery: Linying

Linying is an alternative R&B artist from Singapore who has teamed with Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla for her new meditation on death, Daylight Blows Into One Door.

By Graeme Smith

The track starts with heavy piano chords and a funeral-like tempo yet it is quickly brightened by Linying’s stained-glass vocals. The standout detail, though, is the song’s poetic lyrics, drawing on powerful imagery to explore to often too taboo subject of passing on.

Linying was inspired to write the song after reminiscing about the death of her pet rabbit when she as twelve. At the time, she sang to him Death Cab For Cutie’s I Will Follow You Into the Dark so it was only appropriate that Chris from the band helped her to write Daylight Blows Into One Door.

It’s the first single to be released from her forthcoming debut album and you can hear it below. It really is something special.