EP Review: Glitched – Chaos World, Pt. 3 (Nothing Is Enough)

Glitched are an alternative rock act from France and the USA who have just released the third part of their Chaos World series of EPs. The third part, which features four tracks, is called Nothing Is Enough.

By Graeme Smith

Starting with the title track, which acts as a short intro to the EP, the band combine classical and hard rock elements, all played over a backdrop of vocal samples. The effect is one of impending chaos and soon enough it arrives in the form of track two Radius. Full of big riffs and passionate vocals, it proves to be a strong payoff to the EPs slow-building intro.

The EP was inspired by ’90s rock such as Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana, and the influence is clear in Radius with its nihilistic lyrics and gloomy guitar chords. Yet, there’s a kick to thing that you wouldn’t necessarily get from ’90s grunge, with a penchant for the dramatic that comes from the band’s love of progressive metal.

Track three I Can’t Wait No More, slows things down a bit, with the percussion taking a leading role and the guitar stripping back to give the vocals and lyrics room to breath. It’s a great chance to close your eyes, lean into the music and hear the more subtle elements of their composition.

The EP closes with Down, a textured prog rock track with a steady bass groove and a sense of apathy that for me invoked Cursive during their rockier moments. The track bleeds world-weariness and a desire for something more, something different. The emotion is fantastically captured by the oppressive instrumentals and pleading vocals.

Chaos World, Pt. 3 is the final part of Glitched’s EP trilogy, all inspired by and written during the pandemic. The idea is to explore how events get interpreted and broadcast, and the role social media has to play. A lot of thought has been put into the four tracks of part 3 and I’ll certainly be seeking out the other two parts now that I’ve had an introduction to Glitched’s world. I strongly recommend you do the same.

Check out Chaos World, Pt. 3 (Nothing Is Enough) below.