Discovery: Clintiss

Clintiss is a neoclassical composer who splits his time between France and Canada. His music is expressive, unconventional and tells a great story.

By Graeme Smith

His latest piece is called Russe Blanc, named for the ‘White Russians’ who left their country after the Bolshevik revolution. It’s a mediation on what drives people to flee and you get a real sense of journey from its meandering melody. Clintiss also channels Russian influences in the piece, and I got a hint of Prokofiev myself.

You can hear Russe Blanc below.

But wait, there’s more! I loved Clintiss’s music so much I wanted to share a bonus track from earlier in the year. Mars à Montréal invokes the spirit of late winter just as Spring is about to break and the merging seasons are beautifully captured in the piece’s piano melody. You can hear the piece, and see its video below.