Discovery: Emma Mae

Emma Mae is a singer songwriter from Leicester whose new “b*tch pop” track When Paris Calls caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Megan Jenkins (@meganjenkinsphotography)

When Paris Calls is about a lover being unfaithful, told from the perspective of the woman scorned. The lyrics are infused with jealously, and anger turned towards the par amour. Musically, there’s a Latin pop vibe but lyrically the track is not exactly radio friendly and it’s this edge that sets Emma’s music apart from her contemporaries.

With such a great sound and still early in her career, I can easily see Emma being snapped up by a big label. Yet, for now she is fiercely independent, writing, recording and releasing her own music. Her debut album is on its way and will feature When Paris Calls as well as her debut single Boys In Bands.

You can check out When Paris Calls below.