EP Review: Denae – My Dark Place

My Dark Place is the debut release from Denae, making it even more impressive that she’s managed to produce something so high quality on her first release. Danae’s music is probably best described as being within electro-pop genre, although it also has something of an industrial feel to it at times, and I liked the dark atmosphere created by the songs here.

By Jane Howkins

The first song on the EP is Last Night, which starts everything off nicely with a bang. The song opens with a slow synth melody before the tempo rises – one of the things I found particularly impressive about the whole EP is the choice of beats used – Denae seems to have a good ear for them and the dynamic changes are great on Last Night.

Cold Place is up next and again displays Denae’s songwriting perfectly, with the tempo being a little higher here. She’s got a really impressive vocal style that switches between rapping and singing within an instant, making everything sound very unique. Whilst her music has a mainstream feel to it, there’s a real sense of experimentation present, which I really enjoyed.

The next song on the EP is Sirens, which showcases Denae’s rapping skills off to a tee. The dynamic changes are back here and the mixture of chilled out mellow parts and the upbeat, electronic bits are amazing – the way Denae manages to mix such different sounds together and make them actually work together is great.

Parasite is the fourth song on My Dark Place, which has quite a beautiful and melancholic feel to it. The backing melody sounds rather eerie (most of the songs here have a dark feel to them) and the lyrics only seem to add to this atmosphere.

The last track is All Noise which has a much mellower feel to it than the other songs here. The beats are still present, but it’s much slower and quieter in terms of feel and tempo, acting as a great closing track.

My Dark Place is a cracking first release and one I found myself very impressed by – I will definitely be checking out more of Denae’s music in the future. All the songs here are potential hits and showcase the different styles present in Denae’s music perfectly – check out her socials below to find out more!