EP Review: LMLM – We Are Screwed

LMLM is a Paris-based musician and producer who has recently released an EP, titled We Are Screwed. The EP was written during the lockdown that erupted from the coronavirus pandemic, with that contributing greatly to the musical and lyrical themes contained on the EP, amongst other things. Read on to see what I thought of the EP!

By Jane Howkins

We Are Screwed contains six tracks, with Unlike You being the first one on the EP. LMLM’s music is probably best described as being within the alt-pop genre – it’s catchy and does have some mainstream elements to it, but there is much more to it than that. On Unlike You, an acoustic guitar melody provides the main instrumentation for the piece, adding to the catchy rhythm of the song.

The next song on the EP is Chill Pill, which has more of a dreamy feel to it. I loved the main chord sequence used here on the synths – it sounds quite simple at first, but there is a lot more going on than first meets the ear, so it will take several listens to fully take everything in. This is one of the songs I found myself returning to most.

Doin Our Best is the third track on We Are Screwed, starting off with a slightly unusual melody that really makes LMLM’s music stand out from the crowd. It really does sound very unique and I liked the change in dynamics between the chorus and verses – this experimental nature is something that I really enjoyed about the songs on this EP.

Next up is hate you all, which kicks off with a slightly eerie piano melody. The bass seemed particularly prominent here and the tune has quite a funky feel to it, which when matched with LMLM’s lyrics, seems to give it a certain sense of attitude.

The penultimate song on the EP is In The Oven, which sounds much more mellow than the previous track. The piano melody that runs throughout the song has a bit of a trippy feel to it and makes the song sounds quite dreamy at times – it’s quite a simple song, yet also has quite a dark feel to it.

The last track on the EP is Don’t You Dare Disrespect Billie Eilish, a track dedicated to one of LMLM’s musical inspirations, Billie Eilish. It’s a much slower track than a lot of the other songs here, with a lovely guitar and piano melody that sounds really haunting and beautiful – it’s a really nice closing song.

We Are Screwed is an interesting EP and one that showcases LMLM’s influences greatly, whilst still providing a unique sound. Check out his social media pages and website below for more information on how to purchase the EP.