EP Review: Lauryn Marie – Lifetime

Lifetime is the new EP from Nashville, USA-based indie pop singer songwriter Lauryn Marie. Written during her freshman year of college, it tells an eloquent story of finding her way in the world and navigating the highs and lows of love.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Samantha Grant

Opening track Insecure takes place in the space after a toxic relationship. Free, but not fully, Lauren’s lyrics speaks of the little things that try and draw her back to her former lover. Despite its message, there a brightness to instrumentals. The feeling, on balance, is cautious hope. It sets a wonderful tone for what is to come.

Track two Daisy has a similar message, but instead set while the toxic relationship is still in full flow. Addressed to the song’s eponymous heroine, Lauryn delicately dispenses her advices. “Daisy, he’s crazy for you but not in the way you’d like him to be,” goes the chorus. It’s wonderfully put and beautifully delivered through her charismatic vocals.

After the first two upbeat, poppy tracks, track three Walk takes a darker turn. Putting aside romance, toxic or otherwise, it speaks of the fear of walking alone at night, all the more poignant when articulated by a woman. In the EP, Lauryn has taken the opportunity to experiment musically and the muted guitar and bass in Walk creates the perfect atmosphere, moody and oppressive.

Track four Spider keeps things downbeat, with a gently acoustic arrangement, it returns to the theme of toxic love introduced in Insecure. The spider becomes metaphor for an abusive lover and there is an eeriness that permeates through both the lyrics and music. It’s very cleverly done and will tug at your heartstrings.

The EP’s final track is its title track. It ties up the threads laid down over the first four tracks nicely. Injecting some folk pop energy back into the record, it revives the feeling of hope with which it opened while still reflecting on its darker moments. Strings come courtesy of Elizabeth Piper and there is a depth to the production that belies the fact it was recorded in Lauryn’s bedroom.

Lauryn Marie is a brilliant musician. Her voice is beautiful, she creates a tremendous sense of emotion and atmosphere with her music and her lyrics are well-thought-out. It’s incredible to see from someone so early in her career and I can’t wait to see where she takes her music next. Have a listen to Lifetime below and I’m sure you’ll be as excited by her as I am.