Discovery: Soheill

Soheill is an alternative rock artist based in Nashville, USA whose raw and confessional new track Behave caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Jenny Klooster

Starting with a scuzzy guitar riff, Soheill’s pleading vocals kick in, delivering a verse of raw and provocative lyrics. The verse culminates in a passionate, almost screamed chorus where his voice threatens to break. You can tell that he’s putting his heart and soul into his delivery and the track is all the better for it. Soheill wrote the song at a major crossroads in his life and you get the sense of catharsis in it, especially as tense guitars build then explode as it reaches its climax.

Originally from LA, now based in Nashville, Soheill is devoted to his music. It’s paying off, with streams aplenty, favourable radio coverage and a growing fanbase. You can count me among them.

Check out Behave below. If you like your music on the noisy side, be sure to follow our Bang! playlist on Spotify.