Video: Songs For Sabotage – Phantom

Songs For Sabotage are an alternative rock duo from Los Angeles, USA whose gloomy and atmospheric video and track Phantom caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

Starting with a plodding bass line, poured onto it are echoing, layered guitar and heartfelt vocals. What really stood out to me about Phantom though was its chorus, with a memorable melody it will stick with you.  Lyrically, it draws from past traumas and there is a sense of loss about it, but the chorus has an uplifting note. “All I know is I’m the master now,” frontwoman and guitarist Lina Sophie declares.

Songs for Sabotage are Lina and musical director and guitarist Richey Rose. New to the scene, Phantom is their second single release since their debut album Night of Joy came out last September.

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