Discovery: Eyal Zusman & Amir Lev

Eyal Zusman & Amir Lev are a pair of singer songwriters from Israel whose new disco-folk track When You’ll Arrive caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

With vocal harmonies, gentle disco beats and a folky vibe I was reminded a little of Reflecktor-era Arcade Fire by When You’ll Arrive. Amir & Eyal were also influenced by French dance music, in particular DJ Worakls. Yet, the pair manage to make the sound their own, infusing their story with a sense of hope and romance. It’s truly beautiful.

Amir Lev is a veteran musician who has been producing music for over 30 years. Eyal Zusman is perhaps better known for his acting, directing and screenwriting. This collaboration is his first music album. When You’ll Arrive is taken from their album The Journey To Warmer Lands. You can hear the track below.