Video: Vant – Il Capitano

A few years ago, I was calling Vant one of the next big names in British rock. Since then, the band, led by Sunderland-born Mattie Vant, has admittedly dropped off my radar. I’m so glad he’s back on it, now a solo artist and with a new track and video Il Capitano.

By Graeme Smith

If you ever wanted to see someone deliver passionate indie rock while wing-walking then Il Capitano is the video for you. Vant’s sound is more mellow and melodic than I remember it, but that’s certainly no bad thing. The gentler instrumentals give the poetic lyrics room to breath and creates a very accessible sound.

It’s been a bumpy journey for Mattie thus far in his career but I for one am overjoyed that the bumps didn’t derail it altogether. He’s a class musician that deserves more attention.

Check out the video for Il Capitano below.