The 5 Albums You’ll Hear in Heaven #6 – Harrison Rimmer

Welcome back to The 5 Albums You’ll Hear in Heaven. I’m pleased to present the first episode of our second series in a slightly different format. The premise is the same – each episode a special guest comes on and talks about five albums that have been important to them at some stage in their life, but now, for your listening pleasure, you can enjoy full versions of all the tracks mentioned through a separate playlist.

By Graeme Smith

This week’s guest is long-time friend of York Calling and northern-based rock singer songwriter Harrison Rimmer. I know Harrison quite well, so I figured I would have a good grasp of what he might pick, yet he managed to surprise me with at least one of his picks.

Check out our chat below. As well as telling me about his five albums, Harrison also shared details of his new single, and his forthcoming album, due out next Spring.

And here’s all the music mentioned in this week’s podcast. Be sure to tune in next week when I’ll be chatting to York-based folk singer songwriter Josh Burnell.