New Music: Brendan Eder Ensemble – Discovery At The Beach

Discovery At The Beach is the final single from the Brendan Eder Ensemble’s album Cape Cod Cottage. It’s a sad farewell to an album that I have absolutely loved this year but it’s a great way to end things.

By Graeme Smith

Cape Cod Cottage is a concept album that takes the guise of found recordings of the fictional ’70s jazz musician Edward Blankman. In reality, it’s the brainchild of LA musician Brendan Eder who shares with Edward one important detail – they’re both grieving the loss of their lifelong partner.

Much like previous singles Three and title track Cape Cod Cottage, Discovery At The Beach is a warm, minimal, and laidback jazz number. Joining Brendan on the track are some of LA’s finest – Christian Euman, Josh Johnson, Alex Boneham and Sarah Robinson, and the ensemble play fantastically together to paint a picture of a seaside idyll.

You can check out Discovery At The Beach below.