Yorkshire Author Natacha Dauphin Offers a ‘Healing Balm’ in her book You Are The Medicine

Natacha Dauphin is a local author we’ve featured before on the blog. I had the delight of chatting to her too for our Going Underground podcast last year when she released her book Letters From The Wound. The year saw the release of her second book You Are The Medicine, the second volume of the The Soul Letters You Never Received series.

The book gently takes the readers to the mirror in which their own medicine is reflected and are reminded that their healing balm is, has always been, and will always be within them. It is a soft reawakening and nurturing of one’s inner power and beauty. It is available worldwide through Amazon.

The Soul Letters You Never Received is a 3-part series of short pieces – a journey of empowerment starting with embracing the darkness while marking the path with beacons of light and trust so that the lost pieces of the soul can be reclaimed and ultimately shared unapologetically.

Natacha describes beautifully where her inspiration for the books came from:

“I call these letters for they seem to have been sent to me; some days as thoughts, affirmations, other days as prayers, reflections. As I learn to recognize the gifts of darkness, whether it be grief, loss, doubts and embrace the grace of light within each one, I realize that there is room for both darkness and light within our being, and that this is far from bad or scary, this is beautiful. We are here on earth to experience it all. My sharing here is a way of holding your hand as you walk your unique path and honour all that you are.’’

Natacha Dauphin

Last year Natacha self-published her debut book Letters from the Wound which is Vol 1 of The Soul Letters You Never Received series. Letters from the Wound is a courageous exploration of the wound, its triggers and the darkest feelings one can experience as a human being while also revealing the undeniable truth that only by allowing oneself to feel all that emerges can one live an authentic and fulfilling life. If you are interested in this one, you can also find it on Amazon worldwide.

Natacha’s Books

As well as being an author, Natacha is also a singer songwriter who believes her craft is a bridge between worlds, that the words in her books were sent as letters from her ancestors, the life around her, and spirit. Events and circumstances meant she had to grow up too quickly, but always felt guided inwardly to strive for peace and forgiveness versus resentment and bitterness, which has allowed her to explore the artistry of her wounded journeys with comfort, spaciousness, and possibility. She feels emotional wounds are beautiful and mysterious, and hold precious keys to leading a freer, more authentic, joyful life. She also believes in miracles, creativity, and the power of the human heart. She’s now living her own dream by sharing her books, helping others find their voice, and embracing every minute of her time here on Earth.

You can connect with Natacha through her website, Instagram, Facebook or Amazon.