New Music: David Baron and Fiona Glenn

David Baron and Fiona Glenn are an alt pop duo from Woodstock, USA who have teamed up with Welsh songwriter Donna Lewis (of ’90s hit I Love You Always Forever) for their new track Crossover.

By Graeme Smith

There’s such a wonderful delicateness to Crossover that I had to share it. While David leads on composition and provides harmonies, the focus is Fiona’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. The track is a wonderfully ethereal ode to love with an incredible sense of space. It’s easy to get lost in while you follow the story’s lovers on their journey.

David Baron is someone I’ve featured on the blog before. He’s worked with some big names in the music industry including The Lumineers, Shania Twain and Lenny Kravitz and he clearly knows his stuff when it comes to production. Crossover is, in many way, the perfect alt pop song.

You can find out more about the track and other great music on the Here And Now Recordings website, and you can check out Crossover below.

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