The 5 Albums You’ll Hear in Heaven #9 – Emma Johnson

In our ninth instalment of The 5 Albums You’ll Heaven In Heaven, I chat to Leeds-based saxophonist and frontwoman of jazz outfit Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat – Emma Johnson.

By Graeme Smith

I’ve featured a couple of track from Emma on the blog now and I find her music to be a breathe of fresh air in a genre that can often be perceived as stuffy, so I was keen to learn about what music had influenced her style. As it turns out, she’s influenced by less jazz than one might have thought. There’s still room for a jazz classic in her five album picks though.

Have a listen to our chat below to find out which, plus her other album picks. In our chat Emma also reveals details of her debut album Worry Not and a tour announcement.

And you can hear all the tracks Emma mentions in the playlist below.

Tune in next week when I’ll be chatting to local author Natacha Dauphin.