Album Review: Moon Walker – Truth To Power

Truth To Power is the debut LP from Los Angeles, USA-based alternative rock duo Moon Walker. Taking classic rock and funk, and bringing it right up to date, it may well be the most important album you hear today.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Gabriel Mendoza Weiss

The duo of Harry Springer and Sean McCarthy are perhaps better known from their other band, The Midnight Club. Moon Walker became their quarantine project, culminating in this album.

From its explosive opening track Devil, I knew that Truth to Power would be an album with something to say. Railing against hellish areas of modern life, it seeks to find a brighter alternative through ’70s funk and soul-infused rock. It’s a theme that’s carried through smoothly to track two The TV Made Me Do It.

Moon Walker are inspired by such iconic innovators as David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Talking Heads and you can certainly hear the influences, but perhaps the greatest homage is that the guys have used the inspiration to find and curate their own voice. And it’s one that’s not scared to call anyone or anything out, whether it’s the political left or the political right. There are unambiguous rebukes, such as track three Tear Down The Wall. In it, the bass marches, the riffs are noodling and the vocal delivery quick-fire.

And perhaps that’s what makes Truth To Power such a success. Though the lyrics are politically charged, they never come across as preachy because of the fun and funky wrapper. Harry on guitar and Sean on drums are both talented musicians, so it’s easy to enjoy the record on a musical level too. Things stay punchy right through the album’s midsection – New Commandments and Disturbed Suburbia.

The penultimate track Lights Burn Out slow things down into a prog-folk ballad which I think is one of the album’s highlights before things ramp up again in the album closer This Dark Town. Tying up the album’s themes, it offers hope: things don’t have to be this way if we choose the light.

Truth To Power is such a powerful album – well-constructed and with an unambiguous message. Though Moon Walker are a side project, I really hope this isn’t the last we hear from Harry and Sean in this line-up. What they’ve created is a thing of beauty. More please!

You can hear Truth To Power below.