Discovery: Houeida Hedfi

Houeida Hedfi is a Tunisian multi-instrumentalist based out of Paris, France whose textured new piece of neoclassical music, Appel du Danube, caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

Appel Du Danube is such a trip. Layers of percussion, piano and strings come, go and evolve as the piece opens up before you. Subtle vocals, too, are used as instruments. The result is a soundscape that portrays intrigue, mystery and movement.

Houeida came to music at the age of 27 after receiving a drum kit. From percussionist she’s branched out to multi-instrumentalist through nine year of collaboration with producer Olof Dreijer (of The Knife). Appel du Danube is taken from their latest project Fleuves de l’Âme which is set for release 19 November.

You can hear Appel du Danube below.